Monday, June 16

Black frosting

On Saturday Ryan and I went to a friend of ours birthday party. Her nick name is Micki (since most people can't pronounce her real Hawaiian name) and she of course loves mickey mouse. So for her cake it was in the shape of mickey mouse's head and it was tasty although the down fall to the cake was black frosting. Now silly me for not taking pictures but it was funny. Every one had black teeth ,black lips and black tongues. The funny continues when Ryan and I wake up the next morning and his lips are purple still from the frosting. He looked like he was freezing. I asked him if he was alright, and he asked why, I told him and he was thinking "oh, crap" Classic! So next time there is a tasty looking cake before you, wait and see what the frosting will do to you. dun dun DUN!!

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Chris and Sandy said...

My mother in-law for my nephew's birthday, got him a John Deere tractor cake for his birthday with green frosting. We all ate it, and lets just say, the same color that went in, came out! Horrible, I know, sorry! haha So I don't really trust the colored frosting at Wal-mart anymore!