Thursday, June 12

Random People

I work for as a receptionist at a potato factory and the other day I get a call and here is how it went:

Me:Rigby Produce
Man: Who are you?
Me: umm.. Amy
Man: Amy who?
Me: Amy the receptionist
Man: I don't know why you called me.
Me: I didn't call you
Man: Well I don't remember dialing any numbers.
Me: Well I'm the one that answered the phone.
Man: Oh.... Ok Bye

That is so random! Gotta love working with the public.

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Stephanie said...

LOL!!! At least you only deal with them over the phone...try to deal with them in person!! TOTALLY different ballgame!

My pet peeve right now is to have people ask me questions that are above and beyond what they should know. For instance, when they're verifying that we entered their information for a renewel on a driver license they sometimes ask "why does this say it expires in 6 months??" and other random questions...oh, and the VANITY!!! it sometimes takes 2-5 times for them to be satisfied that the picture is going to be on....and the list goes on and on... ;o)