Wednesday, August 13

Alice in Wonderland

Ok so, usually around 3 in the afternoon I always get beyond belief tired. I yawn so long and with such force that it actually hurts. This occurs no matter how much sleep I get and no amount of Diet Coke or Mt.Dew can fix. Impossible, I know.
I see these commercials for an energy product called 5 hour energy, and they tell you in the commercial that energy drinks are bad. Which is alright with me because I think all energy drinks taste gross. So while at the gas station this morning i see the '5 hour energy' right by the register, I think to myself "why, not". I grab the normal one but the cashier says " the black one taste better and it's cheaper". Ok I am all for things tasting good and not spending more money than I have to. But the "black one" is the extra strength. To which I wonder if this is the extra strength what will the normal do. But that will be a topic for another day.
So I have been waiting for the lull in my day to come. Because I don't want to take it when I don't need it. So when the tiredness hits me, I take off the lid but I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she eats a cookie and it changes her size and then she drinks something and it makes her a completely different size. I wonder as I drink this tiny bottle of liquid that might as well just say "Drink Me". What will I become??


teddi said...

You're going to leave us guessing? What did you become?

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

I'm assuming since I just talked to you on the phone that you're back to normal, despite becoming something . . .or not!