Friday, August 8


So as time goes on more and more people that call into work are getting more and more bold.

Sometimes I must say it is deserved and others it is not. I have specific instructions to "blow off" people who are calling and don't know who they want to talk to because 99.9% of the time they are sales people. Now my way of dealing with this is when they call and ask for a certain group like the person in charge of safety. I tell them " I'm sorry I don't know who that is but let me find out for you" Well I really don't know who it is but instead of putting them on hold, I hang up. Now I know this is rude, but I am just following what the boss tells me. ( I have changed my methods now FYI, I am trying not to hang up on them now) If they were really persistent sales people they would call right back and give me the benefit of the doubt and say that we had gotten disconnected but more now they are flat out accusing me of hanging up on them. Which I can't get mad at because that is what I was doing. But I get a phone call today and they weren't a sales person and I followed the appropriate path. I put them on hold and I paged the person they were asking for. Some how this person did get disconnected but it wasn't from me. And he calls backs saying that he was asking to talk to this person and that I hung up on him! For RUDE! I will take the blame when I do it, but when I don't I feel that person is being TOO BOLD!!

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Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

You work for an interesting company if they tell you to actually hang up on people. Sounds a bit too passive agressive for my taste. Haha