Tuesday, August 26

New Digs

So I have arrived!! (actually I have been here for a couple of weeks) Ryan and I are in Murray or as we like to say it Mur-ray (like how Forest Gump would say Jenny)and we love it. We are close to pretty much everything, even a very busy strip club called " Southern X posure" fabulous I know. We tease all the gross people that are there in the morning. Disgusting!! But things are going well, if you count not finding a job yet. We are still trying on that front. Almost unpacked completely. Michelle gave us one our themes for this move, theme number one simplify, so I have been going through our things and making everything fit without being cramped and theme number two small. Since our apt is in real estate terms cosy.We want to lose weight and the apt is inspiring us to be as cute and as "cosy" (small) as it is. Once everything is in order pictures will come.


I Wonder Woman said...

Wait...I missed something. Why Utah? Sounds like fun, though :)

teddi said...

Simplifying is great. We threw out TONS of stuff when we moved into our spacious abode. Such a good feeling!