Monday, September 29

New Favorite

Ryan and I went shopping on Saturday because one of the only dress pants I had decided that it no longer liked me and decided the best way of getting me to stop wearing it was to put a quarter sized hole in the crotch.It worked and I went shopping. There is a mall not far from my apartment which has a Lane Bryant ( a plus size clothing store) So we went there. I love that store. I feel it is a saving grace for chubby people because just because someone is fat doesn't mean they can't dress cute. As we walk in my eyes are big (no pun intended) with all the cute things that I see. Well I know that we are on a budget and can't afford all the things that I deem sassy enough for me, so I try really hard to only look at what we came for. I find somethings to try on and I go to the dressing room because one of the rules of TLC's What Not To Wear ( my bible so to speak) is try everything on, because you don't know how it will look on you until you try it on. And W.N.T.W was correct, the things that looked cute on the hanger did not look cute on me. I left the store feeling a little sad because I couldn't find any thing at my safety net of a store (I can always find something there)and the department stores in this mall don't carry "women's clothes" (that is what most department store call fat people clothes). Ryan and I continue on our way not sure where to go because I needed a pair of pants. I was sulking and then out of no where I see a store and under the name as plain as the nose on my face PLUS SIZE. Woohoo!! I had nothing to lose I already didn't have any pants so we go in. It is fabulous! I have never seen or heard of this store but I love it! The name of it is Torrid and it is geared towards a younger group. Now I can understand how this store would not be for everyone but it was sassy enough for me. I have found a new favorite store. Praise the shopping Gods for blessing me with a store that I can go to to feel sassy and not feel like a freak for not being a size 2.


SDS said...

Uh yeah! Torrid is awesome! You can shop online too w/them and get some great clearance stuff!

Mom said...

New stores...always nice to find!