Sunday, January 11

The Joys of Apartment Life

Sunday morning Ryan and I were awoken by the sounds of our neighbor fighting. I don't know if I have talked about them before, if I have then please forgive my repetition if I haven't then please enjoy! This fighting wasn't the first time. The make it quite a regular occasion. Screaming at the top of their lungs all kinds of things I dare not post as this is a family blog. But the general gist is the guy thinks the girl is cheating on him. Well it went on for at least an hour so I decided that I had had enough, I was going to do my civic duty and telephone the police. While I was smart enough not to call 911 I did have a little trouble finding the number apparently Dex doesn't have the police departments listed. When it was all said and done I went back to sleep enjoying my silence.


Mom said...

So you called and they came out? Inquiring minds want to know. haha

Sandy said...

Gotta love it!
We nick-named our old neighbor "shake n bake" because he got into a fight with his gf over the kind of shake and bake he liked!

Ancestors said...

Oh, I feel your pain. We used to have a special needs couple who lived above us...the man was always screaming at his wife. Then she would wail. Someone would call the police. After I couldn't take anymore, I complained at the office. There were so many complaints they were asked to leave. Side note: Andrew was with the missionaries a week ago and who do you think they were teaching...this very couple!!! Oh my!!!