Tuesday, March 24

I.T. is scary

This morning I was early to work and I thought why not kill the time by watching a tv show that I love but don't get the channel and my only way to watch it is online. So I start watching when out of no where my mouse starts moving on it own. I know this would be the I.T. department but still to see your mouse move on it's own is pretty freaky. So it moves around and then goes to the "x" button to close the window, so I close it. Bummed that I don't get to watch my show. I maintain that the rules of my job says that I can do things like that just not while I am supposed to be working. This is my one last joy of using work internet, because they block everything else. Like Facebook,etc. They such kill joys. Well what can you do. Just beware of mice moving on their own.Especially if you don't have an I.T. dept.


Aunt LoLo said...

Wait, wha?? Either way, that's pretty freaky!

Mom said...

Big brother is watching. That is scary. It's like at my work. They've blocked yahoo and pandora radio. ACCESS DENIED I feel like I've been caught doing something wrong and have been sent to the principal's office. Yikes.

teddi said...