Tuesday, November 10


So a few months ago I decided that I wanted to write a book. I have different reasons for doing this, but overall I just think it would be fun to do. So I am doing research and of course writing and well drawing things (of which I am not very good at but I am grateful that one of my AMAZING talented brothers lives close by and helps me all the time. Thanks Brother!!! I really do appreciate you and all you do for me. I know you don't have to.) It is really expanding my train of thought and working my imagination. Something that hasn't really happened in a long time. I think as adults we don't really get to work the things that came so easy to us as children. But here is my plug for today. As part of my research I am reading a book called "If you want to Write" by Breanda Ueland.

I am loving this book!! It isn't very long only 179 pages. Which I know for some can finish it in 10 mins. Brenda Ueland throughout this book talks about how all our lives people tell us "no" and "this is wrong" which when creatively speaking is a kill joy. This book can be looked at for any art not just writing. And not to say critiquing is wrong; it is just for a lot of us what the critic says kills any imagination, which for being creative is bad. So Brenda's message is don't worry about making money off of your art;don't worry about impressing others; only listen to those in your life that want to hear/see more of your art. Working on your art is something that is only for you. Good ideas take time; don't rush (because a lot of time sure you can produce more of something but it doesn't mean it is a good something. It doesn't mean it is bad either but for her and what she noticed of others in writing you need to take time) Everybody has something in them that wants to be heard and expressing your art is the best way. So do it for you and no one else. Obviously she is published so she did make some money. But don't expect to make money. If you do make money that is great. If you don't that is great too because then you have voiced the something in you.

So now I am working on that;writing because I want to. That is why I started. I hope you all get to do something that gets your creative juices flowing and something that makes you happy. I really recommend this book so if want a little inspiration I say it is a good book to pick up.

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