Friday, March 11

My cats (insert eye roll)

In my bedroom there is a  bookcase. It is almost as tall as the ceiling and I know what I picture and soon as I typed those words. I imagined either a REALLY tall bookcase or a REALLY short ceiling. Happily it isn't the latter. The bookcase is by the headboard on my side of the bed and the little dears have taken to launching themselves from the top corner of the bed (i.e. where my head usually is) and landing atop of the bookcase. And like we all learned in science class years ago what goes up must come down. So you see it isn't the going up that is bad other than the fact that it startles me whilst I am sleeping, it is the coming down that I worry about. My darling cat October is very kind and while he always launches and lands in the same spot, he waits until my head isn't in the way. To which I am most grateful. However my rambunctious blue eyed Link Larkin is not like his brother and will land where ever it most suits him, be it the floor or the middle of my back. I will say that my cats always keep me on my toes. tee hee