Tuesday, May 17


Well let's see. Recently I have been crazy into knitting and making headbands for a lady that I work with. Here is a picture of the first one I did. What do you think?
I thought it was a good try for my first time following this pattern.

I am still having fun with the car that Ryan and I got to replace our once stolen car. We've had it back for less than a month and we are so grateful. We truly are very blessed.

I have also been working on organizing my apartment and making things more homey feeling. I finally put up curtain and my cat got his claw stuck and made a big hole in it. Bah! Such is life. It's kind of funny.

Oh I signed up for a 5k in June. It's called the Dirty Dash and it involves mud and a slip and slide. Haha!! How great! It is meant to be a 5k for people to enjoy, so people get dressed up in all kinds of outfits and they even have run for the kids called the piglet plunge. How cute. I am excited!!!!


Myrnie said...

Oh cute! My SIL made bands like that for the girls for Christmas...crocheted, I think. They LOOOVE them! I love the colors you chose :) Have fun on your 5k! I'm impressed...and a little jealous :) I sat down to do sit ups yesterday...and did one. I was done ;o)

hapi said...

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AL~ said...

I love the headband! Ive recently taken up knitting, but havent quite got past the 'squares for a blanket' stage!