Monday, November 21

A blog is worth a thousand words

Since I don't have a thousand words to share I will tell you about my Saturday.  My mom flew in Thursday and will be here to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Yay! But since I did say that I would tell you about my Saturday, I digress. Saturday morning rolls around and the alarm clock sings! It's time to wake up and start the day. I get up and shower. So I am so fresh and so clean clean for my big day. I get ready and eat breakfast but not too much food because I have to save room for POPCORN and I am going to the movies! Woot woot! Ryan and I head on over to West Jordan to pick up my mom! What movie are we going to see, you ask? Well of course the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn pt 1!!! and you may also be scratching your head at what time IS this movie since you got up and basically went straight to the movies? It was at 10:30 am but it could have been worse we could have seen the 9:00 am show. haha!  Can you tell I am a bit of a fan! :)

Then after the movie, which was indeed the best of the twilights. We got a carmeled apple and shared. Next Deseret and as my mom and my aunt would say we "geeked" around there. Where my mom got me a block that says " Dare to dream of a greater thing than you can imagine" Which is totally my new moto. So I pass this pearl of wisdom on to you. Dream big people what can you lose. Nothing! You can only go up and improve!

Next we went to Lane Bryant were I was spoiled. Then we had lunch at one of my all time favorite places, Joe's Crab Shack. Yummy yum!
Then we all went back to Ryan's and mine apartment and I showed off my talents of my door hanging , my head bands etc. And we watched one of the best shows ever; Murder She Wrote. Till the end of the night, when sadly we returned my mom to West Jordan. I hope you enjoyed my big day as much as I did. Until next time...


Emily said...

Sounds like a great day! I have not seen Breaking Dawn yet. I am reading the book right now. I am so glad I found your blog.

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