Friday, June 13

Harrison Houdini Part 2

Ok, so I know that I am posting these one right after the other but they don't make sense unless I tell all of the events and I haven't told every one. So here goes. (Sorry it's novel)

Ryan and I got a hamster, he is a long haired teddy bear hamster, and he is the cutest thing. When we bought Harrison we got him a fun cage, no out hamster couldn't have normal cage, he was far too special and too loved for that, his cage came with a slide that he could climb up and go to his attached "wheel" and it had different place he could climb around in (its almost like McDonald's play groung) our cage also came with a water bottle it had a hole in the top where it would fit and just hang there, but Ryan and I didn't like it. We prefered the normal bottle the other one didn't come down far enough (at least we didn't think so), but any who so we gave him 2 water bottles to see which he would use etc.
After a few day we saw he never used the water bottle it came with. So I took it out (aren't I such a nice mom), I thought it was way too high for a little guy like him to get out. Boy was I wrong! The next morning I am getting ready for work doing my normal routine, I usually say hi to our "children". As I am saying "HI" I didn't see Harrison, I looked around in his cage I still didn't see him, but as by the title you can tell he is a houdini and can hide where no one can find him. So I didnt think much of it.
Later that day Ryan calls me " Hunny, did you take Harrison out of his cage?"
"No why?"
"umm, he's missing and I can't find him"
Well a 2 bed room apartment can be a smally place for 2 people but not for a little hamster and you don't realize how many places are good hiding spots until you lose a small animal. We checked every where, under the couch, the bed, the washer/dryer, the tv stand, the oven, the dishwasher, the pantry and many more places. A day passes still no Harrison. The next day comes and pretty much goes. It was late and my friend decided to call me and I was talking to him after a long talk I had to go to the bathroom (I'm sorry if that is too much detail) so I go in the bathroom and I see something moving I see that is Harrison, I quick try and stop my friend from talking (no I wasn't going to go to the bathroom while on the phone with my friend) I'm freaking out and I quickly snatch him up and put him back in his cage. As for the whole the cage came with a hole that we could add things on for but you have to break a thing to use. Since we didn't get him another attachment we just left it but it did come with a plug thing. So that is what I used to plug the top, yet again thinking " I'm so smart". And Harrison is thinking "yeah right!"

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