Friday, June 13

Harrison Houdini Part 3

A few nights ago I was going to sleep and Ryan was in the living room watching tv. As I am trying to sleep I hear a noise , which isn't completely uncommon 1. in an apartment and 2. when you have a fan blowing. So I try and think nothing of it. But I hear something again and this time is sounds like crunching paper (which would make sense if you knew how messy my room was). So I decide to look towards the door, (and since Ryan is in the living room with the light on I can see light at the bottom of the door) and I see a little thing move across the bottom of the doorway. I quickly jump to me feet, turn the light on and as fast as I can, scoop up the bad, bad hamster. I call for Ryan and he is very confused because of the ergency in my voice but he comes and we put Harrison back in his cage, and then try to figure out how in the world he could have gotten out well you know the hole in part 2 well , he had a chew toy that hung right underneath that and the climbed up and put one back paw on that and one on slide that is right next to it and proceeded to them push the stopper we had put in out (which the stopped didn't just fit in, you had to twist it in there to lock but no our hamster is too smart for us and modern technology.) Ryan didn't notice and he climbed out and hurried in to our room. We couldn't find any tape so this is what Ryan came up with (picture above). That kept him there for a while.

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