Monday, June 30

Monday Morning Laugh

So I am at work doing my "thang" and I answer my phone. I do my normal gretting and the conversation continues like so

man: where are you? ( me thinking it is a normal truck driver needing directions)
me: that depends where are you?
man: in my truck
me: well where is your truck
man: it's at the corner of 98 and magnolia ( i can't remember what street it was so we'll call it magnolia)
me: I don't know where that is
man: you should you drive by it every day
me: i do?
man: it's your brother if you don't know who your talking to
me: I really don't think that you my brother
man: oh I must have dialed the wrong # sorry.

neuvo riche! That made my morning.


Chris and Sandy said...

That is seriously hilarious! hahaha! sounds like you had an interesting day! :)

narnianne said...

You do have some interesting conversations as a receptionist I do have to say. That's funny. At least he wasn't trying to talk dirty to you or something like that!!!