Thursday, July 10

Moving Whoas!

So as time is quickly going by, Ryan and I are still looking feverishly to find a place to live in Salt Lake and everytime we find a place we like and we weigh the pro's and con's over it is gone 2 seconds later. Or we find a place that looks amazing but there is something wrong with it like none of the untilites are included or it is a billion light years away from where we want to be. This has been happening for about 2 weeks. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I know this is what moving is. It is stress and frustration but really, I just want a roof over my head and walls around me that doesn't cost too much (or a hole in the wall) or is in Tim Buck Two! ( I am sure I spelled that wrong but oh well) Too much to ask???


Chris and Sandy said...

That's how Chris and I felt when we were getting ready to get married, and he was still looking for a place for us! I understand how stressful it is! I hope you find something you guys like! :)

narnianne said...

Sorry dude! I thought you had a place in Murray, am I wrong? Hope you find something soon. When does he start school?