Wednesday, July 16

Sadness is life without these...

So after many days of forgetting to bring my lotion to work, I started thinking "what can't I live without?" So I thought I would share my top 10 things I can't live without
1. make up ( now I use at appropriate times. Like when I go camping I don't use it. I'm not one those girls. I am sure my father in law my think different. I don't think he is used to someone who likes to be functional as well as look fashionable, well when you are chubby, your face is all you've got)
2. hair product ( a must, I sacrifice my time in the morning getting ready for the good of others. really I'm not vain. hehe)
3. pictures ( my memory stinks so I need visual reminders)
4. the internet (I have to keep up with my peeps ) ;)
5. soda
6. my phone ( I know I don't get phone calls that often , not like I used to but I always like having it for the "just in case" moments
7. my keys ( I have had to many moments where someone will lock their keys in the car or the house. So I always like know I have mine with me)
8. Lane Bryant ( I can't live with out my cute fat girl clothes readily accessible)
9. my ipod. lonely is a day with out music to sing to
10. happy pills ( all the world is happy when I am happy, at least Ryan is hehe)

of course things like my family and the scriptures go on the list but those I feel go with out saying.

What are some of the things you can't live without??


teddi said...

For me, Agatha Christie novels, pens and paper, Sonic sodas, and children's naps.

narnianne said...

Diet Coke, sleep, Diet Coke, school supplies(they are bringing them out in all of the stores right now and I'm LOVING it!),cheese, and did I say Diet Coke?

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

There seems to be a theme to the family responses as the first thing that popped into my mind was also DIET COKE. I would also add to the list, a really great book, gummy peach rings, and dishwasher.