Wednesday, July 16

Un- Christ Like Feelings

So while at work today I decided, I had to go to the bathroom (random way to start I know) when I was done, I come out. (fyi the bathroom is upstairs) And one of my co-workers asks " is this common for this person to honk her horn?" (and I do say person because there was a debate as to what sex this person would be.) To which my reaction was "What?!?!?!" I have never had a person do that before. I thought it might have been someone picking up a person and didn't know that any person they would be picking up would be in the warehouse and would in no way shape or form could hear the horn.
So I go to my desk when I look up out the glass door and the person continues to honk and flash the car headlights at me and wave me out to the car. So I go out to this car and find it is a women. I was NOT happy!! Are you kidding me who goes to a "spud" factory and honk your horn until you see someone and annoy them further and then ask them to do something for you. Yeah right!! I go out talk to the women and she didn't know what she wanted so I had to back inside and get my size chart for her. She picks them out. But while she is writing out her check a co-worker of mine (who is know for her harsh personality) comes out an tells her that honking for service isn't ok and she is taking me away from work and it is ok this once but not again. The lady was mad. I got her, her potatoes and she was off.
But I must say, I did not have Christ like feelings for this women who got in to her car and wouldn't get out. Now I don't know what is going on in her situation but I just think it is rude to assume that you can honk your horn to get service and think that it's acceptable. Where else could you get away with that? Not a the grocery store, or the bank, etc.

Sorry I might be a little harsh but I just want to shout to people "THINK ABOUT THINGS FIRST!!!!!!!!"

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myrnie_twin said...

Wow, that's just about the weirdest behavior I've ever heard of!