Monday, July 21

Silly Mexicans

Ok, so don't think I am racist by the title of my post, I believe you can tease anything that you are. So I am a 1/4 mexican so I can tease them. (In a non-hurtful way of course) So in the place I work, people who speak english are the minority. And most of the time when someone needs something from me they usually bring an interpreter. Well this happened today and I answered most of the questions in spanish (I do know some just not enough to carry a conversation but for work things, with the occasional "sign" I usually can get the gist of what's going on) , so the use of the interpreter wasn't really needed. But as they were leaving they were laughing. And I ask the person I had been talking to (which he knows spanish too) why they were laughing. He said it was because I was speaking spanish. I thought " how rude I am doing my best so that you can talk to me and you are laughing at my efforts" But the person I was talking to doesn't seem to think so, he thinks they were laughing with me and since I wasn't laugh I don't think that is it. Silly mexicans!

What do you think it is?

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