Tuesday, July 29

Wii FIt

So Ryan and I have a friend that has a Wii Fit. I have never tried it before but I thought it would be fun. On sunday Ryan and I and couple of other friends went to a mutual friend's house. After eating and lounging around I decide to go to downstairs where is was like 10 degrees cooler, I thought I was just going to read and then I was reminded about the Wii Fit. I shout "OOOO I want to try!!" I run down stairs and wait to begin. For those you haven't done this. Before you can start playing the games you have to put in you height and age and they measure your BMI (body mass index). And they can't just flat out tell you that your fat. No they have to add a visual. While they are calculating they show the you that you create on the Wii (which is called a Mii pronounced as me) as an underweight and then when they are done (in my case) they tell me I am obese and my Mii no longer looks skinny she is now very round and looks down and has a look of shock that she isn't skinny now. Sad!! But the funny continues when I played the games because the placement of the room puts everyone sitting behind me and when I play games that I have to stick my butt out and do all kinds of things that would normally embarrass me. So I am lucky that I am comfortable with that group because if not then there is no way that would have happened. So my advice before you play games that make you stick your butt out, make sure you are either alone or in a group of good friends that can enjoy how silly you look! :)

Happy Gaming!


Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

You're a brave toaster. I start feeling sad when Ben grabs my flabby tummy until I'm reminded that the flab came from him . . .my 10 lb 4 ounce son.

Mom said...

Don't feel like the lone stranger. It promptly reminds you, "You're obese" and as you indicated she promptly plumps right up. It makes me sad every time. haha.

myrnie_twin said...

Yeah, it told me I was obese too. And my Mii is going to STAY that way until the next time I go out to Connecticut to see the Los...Let's hope by that time, the baby will have come and sucked all the "obese" out! :o)