Tuesday, September 23

The little things

So last night I went over to the laundry mat and on one of my trips there I met one of my neighbors. I have seen her once before and even though we all try and not do it, I judged her and marked her as weird and maybe there was something "wrong" with her. On this particular trip she spoke up to me and I think "oh no, I'm trapped" but I talked to her and just let her show me the Halloween decorations that she was setting up on her patio. She was a very excited. She had a table set up that has Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mickey, Stitch, Remy (from Ratatouille) and Remy's brother. Among myriad of other decorations. She was just so excited. Which made me really believe a thought I had, there is no such thing as normal or retarded (btw I hate that word)or whatever other labels people seem to give others. There is only how we see the world. Some people, like my neighbor see and appreciate the little things. I only hope I can always enjoy the little things that life brings. As my sister says Viva the little things!!

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