Friday, September 19

Yet another train story

I feel this is going to be a continuing saga, since it is a daily occurrence in my life except for Saturday's and Sunday's. So this morning as I am on the train, I eventually get to sit but it is a seat that doesn't sit front or back it is a sideways one that they place near the front all by its self so they can squeeze in one more seat. Well I sit in this one, no big deal right? Wrong. So as the train stops to pick up more people this girl (I think) gets on and stands RIGHT in front of me. OK no big deal, but every movement this person makes she gets a horrible look on her face, of excruciating pain, again no big deal but every little bump and shake of the train continues she look like she is going to be sick, and it kept getting worse as time went on I was getting ready to tell her that if she was going to puke to please try and face the other direction. I kept wondering is this the moment that will make or break my day?? But all was well I got off the train puke free thank heavens.

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Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Yikes. The thought alone makes me want to puke.