Friday, December 26

4 wheel drive won't save stupidity

In the spirit of Christmas and the wishes of many songs our Christmas was WHITE!And not just white but I believe it to be the Blizzard of '08. After the wonderful day Ryan and I had (I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas) the day had come to an end and it was time to return to our apartment with the leaky roof. While Ryan was being VERY careful driving through the blizzard, others were not. I have come to the conclusion that (most of) those with 4 wheel drive vehicles feel that they are golden when it comes to driving through the snow, that no harm can come to them. Well I am here to tell all those people that they are so wrong! Now while Ryan and I did get home safely it was with out almost getting hit. There was an SUV driving too fast and could not stop in time and almost T-boned us. And it was interesting to see that most of the cars that were on the side of the road or the majority of the vehicles fish tailing or sliding were vehicles with 4 wheel drive. So my message to the world of cyberspace today is...
4 wheel drive won't cure stupidity in driving in the snow!

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Sandy said...

Isn't that crazy how they think it'll never happen to them? One time going to Provo w/my family when I was younger we were heading up the 15 and a huge truck drove past us way too fast, and about 1/4 mile up the road we watched them slide into the center ditch! Yikes! I mean, seriously....they had kids and everything in the back...I just don't see how people rationalize driving that fast when it's icy or snowing or even raining!