Tuesday, December 23

Merry Christmas!!!

First of all I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Happy Hanukkah! or Happy Kwanzaa!!

Sometime last week my boss gave me a gift certificate to Amazon.com (which by the way was where those skinny people in plus size clothing were) and I thought and thought what to get. I wanted to get something that was for only me and no one else, some thing that I would really enjoy. But I couldn't figure out what I wanted. For days I had been searching to find that just perfect gift to myself. I found a ring that I thought was just beautiful but it wasn't in my size and I saw other things, like new headphones or maybe I would settle for a ring that was my size. Nope. I couldn't do it I couldn't bring myself to click the purchase button.

Then BAM! it hit me. Something that I have wanted since I was a kid. Something that I completely no use for what so ever. But I love them and I think since I have wanted it for YEARS I can justify spending gift money on it. I know you will laugh when you know what it is because everyone does. I don't know why I have always liked them but I just think they are fun.
It is a coin changer

and I also decided to get the ring and just get it resized

I hope that what holiday you celebrate that you will get something that you have always wanted, and maybe it won't come in the form of a wrapped present but I wish everyone the joy of the season.


Mom said...

Yes, we all have those things that may seem unusual for others, but for whatever reason they were something we've wanted forever. What kid didn't want a coin changer? You were so cool making change (and just praying for the chance to say, "I can give you change for that!". I do understand that desire. Glad you have the opportunity to get something that you've wanted and love. For me, it will be a Cabbage Patch doll. They didn't come out until I was an adult, but I think they're adorable and when I find the right one...she'll be mine! :)

teddi said...

You have me rolling sister! Too funny. I hope you enjoy.