Friday, December 19

Skinny Girls!!!

So I my boss gave me a gift certificate for Christmas and I was looking at their website and I was looking in the plus size area (since I am a girl of plus size nature)and whilst I was searching I see all these skinny girls modeling these clothes. Now how in the sam hill am I going to know what this is going to look like on me. Of course it is going to look good on a skinny girl, everything does, while not everything looks good on chubby girls. So this is what I have to say to these advertisers you won't catch me buying any clothes modeled by skinny girls. It is like they are laughing in my face, "haha, I look good in this and you won't !" :P


Sandy said...

oh jeeze! what site was that? that's kinda crazy...skinny models for plus clothing!

Mom said...

This is a bit ridiculous. I have to wonder what the site was as well.