Tuesday, December 16

Oh Christmas!

Not much has been going on, thus the lack of blogging but I couldn't stand to have nothing new up so I thought I would just write a little something.

Yesterday at work we got these stick board things to put pictures on so we don't have to put holes and things in our pictures. I was so excited!!! It doesn't take very much to please me.

I went christmas shopping last night too, boy am I grateful that I don't have a lot of money to buy a lot of things, to spend more time with cranky shoppers.

So there is somewhat of a bright side to being poor. :)


Mom said...

Amen on the cranky shoppers. Nice on the boards. I love magnet type things. So much cleaner and nicer.

narnianne said...

i do love nice fun things like that. i like being the shining example to the cranks of how one is suppose to behave at christmas. :)

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Here here on the being poor scenario. I did enter to win $5000 today at Target . . .let's hope for a miracle. Hahaha