Thursday, February 19

Closet Poet!

I like to write. And usually what inspires me comes out in some form of a poem. Now there is nothing wrong with poetry, I think that it can be quite beautiful but! I feel that if you tell people you want to share a poem with them they get a look on their face like , "oh crap what am I going to have to listen to?" So when I write things I don't like to call it poetry to avoid those kind of reactions. Earlier this week I was talking to my mom and sharing with her a "poem" I wrote for a friend at work, while I was explaining to my mom that it wasn't really a poem, but actually I kind of was, my husband informed me that I am a closet poet. Haha! Who knew! Well here are a couple of my "poems".

I wrote this for my mother:

More like you then I might show
More like your thoughts
More like your actions
More like you in the way I speak
More like you in the way I teach
More like the way you decorate
More like your helpfulness
More like you day by day
You taught me how to eat
You taught me how to love
How to grow. I get to be similar to a woman who has
more love in her heart then most people can imagine.
So the more I get to be like her the more blessed I am.
Thank you for being you!

And this I was the poem I wrote for a lady at work for Valentines day because her mom passed away a few years ago and I wanted to make sure she still remembered that even though her mom isn't here that she still loves her.

For me, time brings many things
~For hurts it brings healing
~For memories it makes them fade
Which makes pictures more important
... But for love it just makes it stronger.

So time might not always let people stay close
by but their love will always be.

So there you have it. Have a good day! :)


teddi said...

You go, girl! And thanks for not using rhyming couplets!

No-L said...

anytime!!! :)

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Very nice. Closet Poet . . .it's time to come out of the closet. You should take a poetry class through the community ed. catalog.

Mom said...

That was beautiful. Thanks little gril. What a huge compliment.

To me poetry is an expression of emotion and there is no right or wrong. But I like your expression! Good job.

Aunt LoLo said...

I love it, Miss Thang. :-)