Thursday, February 5

Last Chance Workout

A group of my friends and I (some new friends, some not as new friends) have gotten together to lend our support to those who wanted to lose weight this year. We have a group coordinator the fabulous Aunt Lo lo who is keeping track of our the goal we have set and each week we weigh in let each other know if we have lost weight and if so how much. By the end of the year we will send gifts to each other for those who have met their goal.

But those who watch Biggest Loser will know what I am talking about. Since tomorrow is the weigh in I was going to do my "last chance workout" tonight to help in my efforts of making sure my weigh in would be successful. But as things would happen to work out today at work we were moving files and I was sweating, lifting and squatting and all kinds of things that should be done in the privacy of your own home. I think that completely counts as my "last chance workout" so we will see if I am feeling up to I might still do my yoga tonight but maybe not. I will report tomorrow if I lost weight. See you at weigh in. Yeah right, I wish that is what my numbers would look like.


Aunt LoLo said...

That TOTALLY counts as a workout. ;-)

I'm wearing my baby a TON now, because my MIL went home. I think this ought to DOUBLE my results, don't you think?

(Of course, I didn't lose anything this week. Shucks!)

Mom said...

You can do it Cinderella!

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Go for it . . .you can do it!