Wednesday, May 13


So yesterday I made dinner. Now I know this doesn't sound like an extreme accomplishment but I haven't cooked in awhile so, I was home and it was a better fit time wise if I cooked. So I broke down and did it.

And just last week my mother and father -in-law came for a visit and brought buffalo meat, all different kinds of cuts. I am always so grateful when they bring meat. Meat is expensive especially the lean cuts.

Anyway so I chose to cook one of these fine cuts of meat. I thought why not pot roast? I don't like pot roast but they are many ways to cook it, so why not? Well I ended up cooking it for about 6 hours. To make sure that it would just fall apart when you touched it. Well if you are going all out you might as well go ALL out. We didn't have any bread but Ryan mentioned that he thought left over roast sandwiches would be good. So I use the Lion House recipe for rolls with home made hunny butter. Well while we were eating Ryan was giving his stamp of approval. He said that it was so good that it was giving him goosebumps (which have never happened before). I totally should have taken a picture (the picture isn't of Ryan but I thought it would be nice to add a little visual interest).

Now this isn't to brag but to share in my excitment that I cooked something SO good for my husband that it gave him goosebumps. I normally have a problem believeing that something I cook could be truely enjoyed and not just eatable. I know there are something that I find tasty but I don't think that anyone else would but to get such a reaction! That is something that could not be faked.

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Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

I think I got goosebumps myself just reading the post. : )