Sunday, June 14

Topsy Turvy

I was watching an infomerical about a product called Topsy Turvy. It was meant for tomatos as you can see by the picture but Ryan isn't crazy enough about tomatos to grow them.

Although they can grow anything that grows on a vine. The premise of this As Seen on TV product is that instead of fighting gravity it uses gravity to help the product grow. You fill the bag with soil and hang the product through the hole in the bottom. Any way I have wanted this since I have seen it on tv about a month ago. We wanted to grow strawberries. Doesn't that sound wonderful home grown strawberries. Well I have been searching all over for it and finally praise be we found it at shopko. So we have started growing a strawberry plant, lets see how it goes. I am excited to see!!!!


Myrnie said...

Good luck!! I hope you get lots of berries :)

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Keep us posted. Beware of the birds who come by and eat up your strawberries before you have time to pick them yourself. : )