Thursday, July 30

Polygamy in Utah what a surprise

Welcome to Utah!!!

So I am on my way to work yesterday and I see a women in long plain dresses, long braided hair and sneakers. Now being from Pennsylvania I automatically think "ooh Mennonites!!" You might wonder why I didn't think "AMISH!" I will tell you why. They look different. Now granted Amish and Mennonites
wear bonnets and these women did not but maybe they were having a good hair day and wanted to show off.
That is terrible for me to say. But funny, no?
I know there aren't any here. So I went on my way and then learned later the FLDS are among us.

They came from all over Arizona to Canada to support each other in a battle for land. Well they filled up the courthouse. There was about 1,000! Nor-way!!
Crazy in the head. Although a friend and I rode the elevator and when we were getting off one of the teenage guys told us that he would check on us later.
Well you know you have to keep your options open. I am already set but my friend is single. so you never know. haha!

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Mom said...

That's hysterical!