Wednesday, August 12

Julia Child/Julie Powell & Amy Gustin

You might be wondering what I might have in common with Julia Child and Julie Powell. I will tell you. Julia Child used to be a secretary for the Government as well as Julie Powell. Lo and behold I am too. Julia and Julie wanted to do something in their lives, other than what they were doing. Yep that would be me too.
You see on Monday I didn't feel well and didn't go to work but I didn't want to lay a home so I went to the movies! I went and saw The Proposal and I wanted to see Julie and Julia either with a friend or on my own because I didn't want to subject my sweet husband to a movie that was , let's face it, meant for girls and people who were young when Julia Child was young. When The Proposal got out I went and bought my ticket and saw Julie and Julia. It got me thinking. If you would have asked me what famous person I am alike I would not have answered Julia Child.
So let's continue....
Julia and Julie both wanted to contribute something to this world.
Julia wanted her 1st cookbook to make a difference in this world ( Now I do not have a secret desire to change the world with a cookbook. But the concept is there)
Julie wanted to do something in her life that was different from work and it gave her something to do not to really change peoples live but to get her away from her crappy government job. And finish something she started.
Julie was almost 30 and hadn't really done anything with her life.

So I am almost 30 and I haven't really done anything with my life. I have a blog that people might wonder why I am writing one because my life is so boring and not important enough to write in the endless entity that is the Internet. I would love to do something that will change mankind for the better. And like Julie and Julia I have a sweet husband who adores me and supports in me in all the things that I plan to do but never finish.

In inspiration Julia and Julie I am going to venture in the world of writing, I am going to finish writing a book that I have just barely started. And I have already hit my first bump in the road. I had a friend read what I have written critiqued it. I expect some critique but it discouraged me enough to not want to write for almost a week. I took the critiquing as you have a nice idea but you SUCK as a writer and it is a good thing that you are writing a book for children because you are too stupid to be writing for anyone who has a high school diploma. Now I know that I am not the best at writing there are a lot of things I don't know and feel pretty dumb about. Now I know am not dumb, far from it. Let's just say the my intelligence lies more in common sense then book smarts. But I do feel that I have some talent in the area of writing. Not a ton but I am no Joe the plumber either. I have started to write again using the critique my friend gave me and even though I am being a big baby and my feelings are hurt, I am going to learn from good advice and using it to my book better. Let's see what comes of it.

"Bon Appetite!!!" The famous words of Julia Child


Aunt LoLo said...

You go, girl!!

Mom said...

Always consider the source of the critiquing. And always continue in your never know. Stephenie Meyer only wanted to pay off her car when she wrote Twilight. Need I say more?

Ancestors said...

Follow your passion...I loved forementioned movie! (Shocker, I know!) It is my dream to attend the French Culinary Institute in NYC where Jacques Pepin still teaches! What a thrill it would be even meet him!

I watch Jacque and Julia on PBS on's funny as they always disagree on how to do things!

I also really like John Besh and have a letter from him.

So Amy, follow your dream!it may have to be as a hobby...but that's a start!

Anonymous said...

i read your article and loave it so much