Monday, August 17

The unknown powers of a boob

So today, I am sitting at work minding my own business then I bend over and "CRACK!!!!" there snaps the under wire in my bra. Now we all know that I am not a small girl (and I am lucky enough to have boobs and to not be a large lady with no boobs that is just sad) but I did not know that my boobs had the powers to break under wires. How embarrassing?! You might be thinking that it was an older bra. No actually it wasn't, it wasn't a new one by any means but it shouldn't have broken but nevertheless. So a warning to the women and drag queens of the world, do not under estimate the unknown powers of your boobs!


Mom said...

You are hysterical.

Cindy said...

OMG!!! I LOVE the powerS that boobs have. We all know it isn't just the strength of the boob, it's also a little bit of control over the other sex too! hehe