Tuesday, September 29


When I haven’t had a frosty in a long time (and by long time it could mean a week or so) I succumb to the temptation I can’t help but be enthralled with the taste. It is so different from any soft serve. It is nothing like Dairy Queen (although DQ could have its own poem but for now I will stick with the Frosty)

So tempting, mouthwatering and divine
You make my taste buds crave your wonderful chocolate ness
And yes chocolate not vanilla for chocolate is your true identity
I always order a small but after my first bite I question my size choice
How do you do it?
How can someone unknowingly make a substance that incredible?
You are creamy and sweet but not as sweet as to over power.
You are cool and best partnered with a fry. But even alone
You can hold your own. On second thought who needs a fry.
A spoon will do.
A year round favorite now matter the temperature a frosty will
Always take me to a place of euphoria, leaving the world behind until
The sound of scrapping the bottom comes.
Thank you makers of Frosty !!!

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