Tuesday, February 9

In Honor of Andria

So to my excitement I have one more person that is "following" my blog my count is up to three!!! WooHoo!!! So thank you to my wonderful writing teacher that has moved that number up. Per her instruction I am writing something new for my blog. Oh for those that are wondering I LOVE my writing class and can't wait to learn more!!!!
So in honor of my teacher here is a poem that I have written for you.

Your sharing your gift and sharing your joy
It is more then an education you give
You have helped those around you to see something more
To dream of things they didn't try to before
You have planted the seeds and you might not see
But by sharing your love you have started me on my path
So thank you my friend for loving what you love and dreaming what you dream
Tomorrow can now be better let's see what it will bring!


Myrnie said...

You are so cute :) (And I don't see a "follow" widget on your blog...? I want to be a follower! :)

Andria said...

Okay, I'm sitting here in my classroom with tears in my eyes now. Thank you so much, Amy, for that lovely poem! I can't wait to read what great and wonderful things you write.