Thursday, February 18

A poem a wrote a while ago...

The artist in my heart

I have a place in my heart for each person that I love but nothing is like the place for the artist.

The place reserved for the artist is of course as one would think very colorful, it is a place where colors have fabulous names like amber, violet and cyan instead of yellow, purple and blue. But all colors are welcome even if they don’t have a fabulous name because all can portray an emotion, all can (pardon the pun) paint a picture.

And the artist that has a place in my heart does more than paint, draw, sketch and all other forms of creating beauty, he is a man that has always been special even since the moment he was born. He is a man that has more knowledge than I will ever have. He has more humor that most comedians would kill for. And he has a job that is my dream. Sadly he doesn’t get the thanks that he deserves and he has to do things that I am sure he would rather poke a fork in his eye than do but, he gets to teach people. The Lord sent us here to learn and to grow and he gets to help with that plan.

With each moment, each act that he touches my life with creates a new color, a new masterpiece in the place reserved in my heart. As I am sure this is what happens with all the lives he touches. A new master piece is made.

I believe that the artist was sent here to mark this world with his colors, just like the ones that he has painted in my heart.

All the love a sister can give

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Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

I think I've met this artist.