Saturday, July 3

The Perfect Job for me...

A little bit ago I started a second job. I became a test proctor for the University of Utah. Which means I get to watch people take tests and detour them from cheating. A woman that works with Ryan needed an additional body on Thursday nights and Saturday morning for 5 hour each day. Well hey I can do that!! There is another responsibility to this job but I have only done it once and I am grateful to have done it just the once. The other job is to hand out tests and take them back when people are done, now this involves a bit more effort seeing that you have to sign them in and check theirs ids, make sure they fill out certain things on a scantron (which PS I am still amazed that people in COLLEGE don't know that they have to use a pencil on that, but silly me ), and others tasks that let's face it I don't really want to be doing after a full day at my first job and first thing on a Saturday morning, so I have been lucky that my boss thinks that I do a good job watching people take tests and I get to do that when I work.
Which brings me to the point of my blogging today. I trained most of me life for this job. I get to PEOPLE WATCH and getting paid to do it. I love to see how people interact, how they dress and other mannerisms , it is so much fun for me! And hale- freakin'-lujah I get to do this, it is perfect for me! Oh and let me tell you there are some WEIRD people in this world. Mazeltov !

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