Thursday, December 2

Home made

So this year I decided to make presents for my family and friends. In theory get idea , yes? I thought so, since I have gotten better at my knitting (I can actually read some patterns now) and I learned a few new things that I wanted to try ( on this I can't give too much detail because that will be a couple of individuals presents this year, I will make sure I have pictures for after they have been given ;) I have found a couple of down falls to this genius plan of mine, which I already knew and I am sure you know as well but I would like to mention them.
1. time! AH! always flys whether you are having fun or not
2. drive. As evident last night I just couldn't knit one more stitch!

Here's to hoping you are having a better time of gift getting ready than I. :)


Myrnie said...

I think I'm giving every IOU's for Christmas ;o) Haha...can't wait to see what you make!

Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Making homemade gifts does require a lot of time and drive but that's what makes them so great!