Sunday, December 12

What I do for work.

There were some changes at work earlier in the year, to enhance the "team" aspect of things we needed to come up with a team name and logo. It was decided that we would be Team Incredibles. Because we try and save the children in Salt Lake County from abuse. One of the attorneys came up with the our logo it was to be take on the Incredibles symbol, and since the name of our company is Guardian ad Litem it is a make shift G and I. We were also encouraged to color the logo, well guess what happened I was the ONLY person that colored the logo and here is what I did:

this is the one that is supposed to look the most like the Incredibles logo
Here is a pinstripe one like the attorney's suits
I just liked these colors
This one is supposed to be like a crossing guard, a group that protects our children

This one is supposed to be red for firemen, blue for police officers and green for the military all people that protect us.

However I don't have a picture of the one everyone did pick. It was all red except for the middle of the 'I' which was yellow. I was kind of sad, I did that one last minute and with highlighters. bah. :)

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