Monday, January 31

Oh how things work.

Shortly after Christmas there came a couple of knitting projects that required either a self impose time line or  an actual time line (if I wanted to finish by my friend's birthday.) and since I have started knitting I really enjoy doing it. I feel productive even when I am just watching tv and I have something to show for my efforts when I am done. But with each project I remember thinking to myself "self?, when will I ever be done with these scarfs!!?" I was so excited to finish I couldn't wait to be done and start working on these other projects that I kept telling myself that I would do once Christmas was over. But it has started all over again. My friend is pregnant and found out that she is having a girl and here I go again. I was so excited to do something for her and try something new in my knitting fortay that I am making a baby blanket. And I can't help but remember those moments when I couldn't wait to be finished and now, I just think, what on earth was I thinking.

On a side note I am excited to give to my friend she will love it and I love that I can help in some way.

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