Monday, May 16

Run out?

I realize that Penelope Garcia isn't real but I wonder if she would ever run out of work as I have right this very day and thus I have time to blog which I need to do more of. Sorry followers, not very exciting for you! Although the thought just occurred to me that Penelope Garcia would have to run out of things to do because she is SO amazing. Haha So that is what I am going with. And I must too be speedy, efficient and wonderful so that is why I have run out of things to do. We'll see what tomorrow will bring. I might be back blogging before you have had time to read this one. So any ideas on what you would like to hear?


Myrnie said...

I want to hear what you're up to!! I was just poking through your FB page hoping for some kind of update :) Is that creepy? I should have just written...but I have trouble remembering to do things right now :P

No-L said...

haha totally not creepy. I completely understand.