Friday, June 13

Harrison The Hamster Houdini

The hamster Ryan and I got about a month ago is adorable but doesn't like to be touched and doesn't really like being in confined containers, anything with walls or a lid (I.e. His cage). His cage gets cleaned every week and we have a play pin (it actually is for a hamster)for him so he can be contained while we clean his cage. But he has to have a magic jumping bean gene in him because he jumps high enough to get his front paws on the top of the play pin and then proceeds to climb over and hide in the tiniest of places. The first time this happened he was in his cage, he found a hole (to add attachments) in his roof that we didn't think he could reach. We were wrong. He was missing for a little over a day. That proved interesting when I found him. But that's another story.The past time we cleaned his cage, I thought to myself " Ha, HA if I put something over his play pin while we clean he won't be able to get out." Boy was I wrong again, it only aided him further to get not only over his play pin but on top. He sat up there in sort of a mocking fashion. I'm sure thinking " you silly humans, your walls can not contain me! I am Harrison the Hamster Houdini!". Needless to say he got out once again, but his capture was swift. Now we have a different plan for the next time. We'll have to see what the next cleaning adventure will bring.


Aunt LoLo said...

That post sounds vaguely an e-mail I read yesterday. ;-)

No-L said...

it's true. I was lazy :D